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Food photography? Product photography? Studio photography? Call it what you will, you’ll call G. Russ again.

Potpourri, n. A combination of incongruous things. That's us. That's what we do. We shoot everything. In the old days they called us Generalists, but potpourri has a sweeter ring to it. A professional studio photographer gets called on to light and record an amazing range of objects: eyelashes to chrome bowls, pure pigment to pure automotive excitement. We do product photography in a lot of different styles, and we wrap around the needs of food stylists, art directors and clients for some really tasty food photography. Mmm!

For the right shot, it takes the right stuff.

Our experience, studio, equipment and the team we have assembled allow us to shoot it all, and shoot it well. Our hi-tech clients don't know we shoot houses and our food clients may not know we shoot cars…because we have enough experience to know what we’re doing, whatever the assignment. Sometimes, we even make it look easy. But our purpose and mission is that we consistently satisfy them all.